Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Robot Option

Imagine this scenario: Technology permits businesses to create robots that are exact duplicates of your employees. These robots can be operated via remote control so the employees need not be present to do the job. There is another "benefit": Each robot has a built-in filter that blocks bad attitudes as well as any inappropriate language or actions. This does not prevent stupid decisions, but it screens out the type of conduct that may lead to hurt feelings or lawsuits.

The robots would seem human, but only up to a point.

Would you want the robots or the people?


Ray V. said...

It pains me to say I would prefer robots as opposed to staff as I wouldn't have to worry about bruising their fragile egos when I ask them to actually do what they said they would do. Nor would I have to question them about the fact that they took the exact number of sick days allowed and the coincidence that all those sick days occurred immediately before or after a day off. That being said, they wouldn't have to put up with me either and I am told that is no easy task. .....for these and all my sins I am sorry.

fred said...

So you have worked in government, with defined and specific rules, inflexible decision making concepts, work output, understanding of loop holes, political correctness, very very specific position descriptions and water tight work contracts .........they might as well be robots....hummm would we still need, lighting, HVAC, washrooms, public holidays.

Michael Wade said...


I suspect your choice would be a common one.


Michael Wade said...


Washrooms. Hmm. Good question.

I've encountered some managers, both private and public, who love anything that removes the responsibility for decision making. If they could use mood rings, they would.