Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snow Day

Stanley Bing ponders whether to brave the weather and go to work:

And let's consider the macho factor. The jungle we work in is run by big, tough gorillas with hair on their knuckles. They are not bothered by a little snow. "When I was a boy in Chicago," Bob will say, "we used to walk to school in snow up to our belly buttons." Of course, belly buttons were lower then, but that's beside the point. These days people freak out a lot worse than they used to about a little bit of snow. London twisted its knickers for a week this year over less than six inches of the stuff. Washington and Baltimore run around screaming like little girls every time they get a light dusting. Do I want to be one of those weenies? I think not!


Cromagnum said...

On the topic of snow ... Joe Bastardi has a new blog, and is predicting 'another Nor'easter before Easter'

He is now at http://www.weatherbell.com/jb/
His posts seem to archive quickly.

News article at:

Michael Wade said...


Another good reason for living in the desert.