Monday, March 28, 2011

The Man's a Rail

As I write this, tomorrow is Tuesday, which is a cardio day. I'll spend five minutes warming up on the VersaClimber, a towering machine that requires you to move your arms and legs simultaneously. Then I'll do 30 minutes on a stair mill. On Wednesday a personal trainer will work me like a farm animal for an hour, sometimes to the point that I am dizzy — an abuse for which I pay as much as I spend on groceries in a week. Thursday is "body wedge" class, which involves another exercise contraption, this one a large foam wedge from which I will push myself up in various hateful ways for an hour. Friday will bring a 5.5-mile run, the extra half-mile my grueling expiation of any gastronomical indulgences during the week.

Read all of John Cloud's TIME magazine article here. [HT: Instapundit]


Gary said...

In my experience it was very difficult to lose weight and excise at the same time. Its more effective if you can do so but requires much more self discipline because you will be more hungry.

My advice to those looking to change their body composition: prepare to be uncomfortable. The body doesn't like to change and forcing it to change will cause it to complain. You are going to need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Michael Wade said...


Good advice! I recently saw some change experts give advice that is in right in keeping with your view about being comfortable being uncomfortable.