Monday, March 14, 2011

Technology Self-Assessment

Computer? IBM ThinkPad.
Google? Frequently.
iPad? I'm just waiting for the price to drop.
Blog? You're reading it.
Fax? Only because I like unsolicited t-shirt and insurance ads.
Kindle? Love it (and yes, I still buy a lot of "regular" books).
iPhone? Nope.
BlackBerry? Tempting.
Calendar/Appointment book? A paper one using the Levenger Circa system.
GPS? I'm more of a Rand-McNally guy.
iPod? No.
YouTube? Marvelous.
Facebook? Just barely and thinking of leaving.
LinkedIn? Yes. Remind me to think of why.
Twitter? Yes, but few tweets.
Groupon? Yes.
Netflix? No, but it's appealing.
Second Life? Not yet.


Kurt Harden said...

You REALLY need an iPod. Could I entice you with my entire classical music collection digitized for your pleasure?

Michael Wade said...


Based solely upon your recommendation, it is on my list.

I'll let you know when I take the big step.


Eclecticity said...

Mr. H: What must I do to get the same deal, though I have an iPod already? You blessed me with your 500 R&R. I'd love some classical.

At your leisure of course. E.

Kurt Harden said...

This appears to be a public square. I'll be shipping soon, Doug.