Monday, June 27, 2011

Sales: The Logic of Illogic

This product or service will be of major benefit to people who work in Specialty B. It will save time for them and will prevent some of their worse problems. It was designed with their needs in mind by highly experienced people who know the daily challenges of people who work in Specialty B.

So where can we expect to encounter the greatest sales resistance? That's easy.

From the people who work in Specialty B.

The new item may upset their routine or they may believe that their job security rests on the very difficulty of certain aspects of their job and that if their problems go, then eventually they too will go. They may believe that it will reduce their control and will introduce too much uncertainty. They may regard these dangers as a given and the benefits as mere speculation.

And so, like drowning swimmers who bat away a life preserver, they may reject the new approach.

Don't be surprised by it. Expect it.

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