Monday, June 20, 2011

The Year of Living Sneezily

This has been a hellish year for allergies. Just when I thought the coast was clear (or my nasal passages had achieved that effect), the damned things came roaring back.

This woe has been with me for some time. I can recall being exhausted every April and May while in college and catching daily naps in an ancient dorm surrounded by the blossoms of orange trees. Matters medical were then foreign to me and the weariness was ascribed to a change in the weather.

I now know better. A highly unscientific survey of friends, acquaintances, and victims confirms the suspicion that this year has been The Big One. The allergy balloon has gone up and on more days than ever before we are studying the bedroom ceiling and trying to remember the symptoms of malaria.

As for the outside world, it's like an Agatha Christie play in which characters keep disappearing, only this time we know where they are.

At home. Popping Claritin.

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