Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Admit It When...

  • You don't know

  • You're lost

  • You're ill

  • The new employee isn't working out

  • The brilliant idea has fizzled

  • Additional resources won't make a difference

  • The other side is right

  • You need more time

  • Something doesn't feel right

  • The jargon is confusing

  • The numbers don't add up


Bob said...

Why Michael, don't you get further in life keeping things to yourself, faking your knowledge, never admitting anything, sticking relentlessly, to your point, constantly backing wrong employees, being as confusing and non committal as possible, altering/massaging the numbers or just ignore data to get the result that proves your point or make you look good and finally being mischievous to making others look bad? Bad boys win and get the best jobs/girls, nice realistic honest guys are just losers who never get anywhere..... ;)

Michael Wade said...


That philosophy has many followers!