Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Conflict Index

Goal: 1
Conflicting Goals in Other Parts of the Organization: 3
Collisions Due to Conflicting Goals: 17
Attribution of Bad Motives to Other Groups: 32
Discussion with Other Groups about Problems Caused by Collisions: 9
Shouting Matches: 4
Sarcastic E-Mail Messages: 44
Batches of Information Withheld: 5
Days Consumed by Conflict: 24
Discussion with Other Groups about Differing Goals: 0


Bob said...

It's war out there, you cannot lose ground, these are personal attacks, we must dig in and be as inflexible as possible. "I don't care if it's beneficial to the company this is my right and I am not going to let those bastards win!".

Sometimes there is a bigger picture :)

It's also why senior people need to keep their ear to the ground, it's their role to put out these sort of fires while they are small, the art is to do it without having to be too intrusive :)

Michael Wade said...


As has been said, the young men know the rules, but the old men know the exceptions. The senior people need to spot the problems before they become problems. They are also relied upon to spot the proposed solutions that will cause more problems than they will solve.


CincyCat said...

I would also add:

Groups who saw the train wreck coming, but remained silent due to politics

Michael Wade said...


Good addition!