Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't Expect

Don't expect to be clear to others if you aren't clear to yourself. Don't expect loyalty from others if you are not loyal to them. Don't expect people to overlook the gap between your words and your actions. Don't expect to be worthy of respect if you lack self-respect. Don't expect your plans to go smoothly or for people to heed your every whim. Don't expect your team to be passionate when you exhibit indifference. Don't expect people who have many reasons to be unfair to embrace fairness without prompting. Don't expect information to convey wisdom. Don't expect achievements to be noticed. Don't expect success without hardships and hard work. Don't expect people to read your mind. Don't expect gratitude. Don't expect things to remain the same.


Dan in Philly said...

I'm reading the very interest book Seneca wrote on giving and receiving benefits. Your comment about gratitude struck me as he mentions that when giving a benefit the accounting is very simple, it's all cost to the giver. The only thing the receiver can give in return is gratitude. It caused me to consider the many benefits I have received in my life, and wonder if I have sufficiently expressed gratitude for them.

Along those lines I should express my gratitude to you for all of your posts over the years, which have not only been amusing and insightful, but have often set me on a path which has lead to greater understanding of the human condition, often called wisdom.

So thank you for taking the time over these years for posting all that you have. I'm quite sure there have been many days when you didn't particularly feel like it, and I'm uncertain if it gave you any financial remuneration considering the large amounts of time you must have spent, but I've always appreciated it.

Thank you, Michael.

Michael Wade said...


That is a very kind note indeed and it is deeply appreciated.



CincyCat said...

Gratitude is definitely something that often falls by the wayside. I'm working on remedying this at the non-profit where I sit on the board. Starting last week, in fact. Every donor to the annual fund now gets a thank you letter signed (in ink) by a member of the Board, and volunteers will get calls or notes of thanks as well (once we can figure out how to keep track of who they are!).

Michael Wade said...


Great idea! I'm passing that on to a board that I'm on.


hawkins cloward and simister said...

That is really good I'm going to quote that if it's okay? A lot of the things in that rang true to me. "If the king doesn't make the first move how can you expect the rest to follow" That is one of my favorite quotes and I think this paragraph just expanded on it and made it better.