Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Effects of Excessive Ego

An excessive ego can be a chain that slows our advance. It can also resemble a curtain that keeps out the light. It can become a wall that causes us to see only our turf and not the larger expanse that should be our concern. It can poison relationships, cloud memories, and subvert judgment. If only ego were picked up elsewhere, instead of being self-generated, we might be better equipped to control the effects. All of us have fallen under its spell. Some of us never recover.

It helps to watch for symptoms of excess. They are especially evident during moments of triumph and times of crisis.

One thing is clear: Self-treatment is the least painful of all of the remedies.


Eclecticity said...

Brilliant. Thanks. E.

Michael Wade said...


I'm glad you like it. As you know, you can post items and never know what the reaction will be.