Saturday, February 11, 2012


Charming day. Fell off a ladder just to break the monotony. No injuries aside from embarrassment. Landed like a cat. A large, overfed cat. Got several things done, which is always pleasing. Planning out the coming week. I'm reading around seven books right now, possibly ten. Jotting ideas here and there. I still have to write a couple of notes to old friends; messages that should have been dispatched before Christmas. More reminder note cards on the wall. Lately, my music list has been consumed by Bach, Gershwin, Copland, and Astrud Gilberto. [You want to get mellow, listen to the latter.] Finally saw "Margin Call" on DVD and really liked it. Will include it in the film recommendations that I give to my ethical decision making classes. Put Jeremy Irons, Kevin Spacey, and Paul Bettany in a film and it's hard to screw up. Will expand marketing of my customer service class next week. There's not only a lot of good information; the class itself is fun to teach. Have been reading the New Testament every day and spotting items I overlooked years ago. At least I'm not following the W.C. Fields practice of looking for loopholes. Spoke with neighbor whose dog just died. Mine passed years ago and I'm still grieving. A lot of work on my backyard jungle today. Am moving like Walter Brennan. Think I'll take a hot shower and read some more about ancient Rome. Have to get up early. More later.


Joyce Akiko said...

Glad to hear you are alright from the fall.

Michael Wade said...


Thanks. It was a reminder to pay attention to the basics, such as the ladder rungs.


Bob said...

If you had a severe accident you wouldn't be able to write your blog, then there would be many who'd be sad.....So be more careful... :):)