Saturday, April 13, 2013

Modern Life

Part of my afternoon was spent:

  1. Catching the latest exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum.
  2. Watching a dirt-bike motorcycle race.
  3. Listening to a slam poetry contest.
  4. Watching a Harry Potter film marathon.
  5. Learning how to make pasta.
  6. Doing as little as possible.
The answer, of course, is obvious, but it will be posted later.
Update: The answer is 2. It was quite impressive. My heart went out to the rider in last place who was lapped by the others but still finished the race. Surprisingly, no one crashed or spun out and I sat there wondering what combination of skill and luck produced the difference between the winner and the biker in a very close fourth place. My guess is, given the slopes and tight turns, if you aren't well positioned within the first few seconds, your chances of winning are nil as opposed to a marathon where runners in the back can make a burst of speed in the last lap. So often we think of careers as races. If so, a good question is, "What type of race?"

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