Friday, December 20, 2013

Being There

If you could be in the audience, a few feet away from the speaker, for one of the most famous speeches in history, which one would that be?

[I'll post my choice later.]

[Update: Some great picks in the comments below. My own choice would be the Sermon on the Mount.]


Dan in Philly said...

1) Sermon on the mount
2) Mark Antony's speech at Caesar’s funeral
3) Gettysburg Address and/or Lincoln Douglas debates
4) Win one for the Gipper

Vince said...

Jim Valvano at the ESPYs
MLK "I Have a Dream"

LA Grant said...


I'm with you. I was trying to decide whether to attend Antony second or perhaps listen to this on the coming Crispian's Day.

I could stand near Lincoln or hear blood, toil, sweat or tears, too, without disappointment.

Michael Wade said...

Good selections.

My choice would be the Sermon on the Mount.