Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ELO Essential Mix

Kurt Harden at Cultural Offering routinely reminds me of how little I've followed various music groups. 


By posting essential mix lists. Most of the time I'm familiar with the composer, musician or group, but sometimes only the name is familiar. The latest is for Electric Light Orchestra. I vaguely recall that they were good and will always defer to Mr. Harden. 

Upon his judgment, I rely.*

[*That line comes from which novel? And don't google it!]


Steve Layman said...

It comes from a novel? I thought you were just quoting yourself (see The Execupundit's March 27th, 2013 edition). Happy New Year Michael. Thank you for all your generosity over the years.

Michael Wade said...


I use it frequently but it comes from "David Copperfield" and is in reference to Mr. Dick, the gentle man who is mildly insane.

Happy New Year!