Thursday, December 19, 2013

Random Thoughts

Wondering about the motives of others is one of the greatest time-wasters in the world. A goal for any organization is to make sure that the positive people are more influential than the negative ones while dissent is not casually ignored. Being able to recognize victory and defeat is an important leadership skill. The path from A to B often detours through Z. [Sometimes, it starts there.] The people who get an enormous emotional payoff from complaining are unlikely to search for solutions. When someone is described as a spokesperson for a particular community, they usually are not. "Community" may also be inaccurate. There are people whom I would not entrust with watching paint dry who have national television programs. You always want to hone your awareness of when to seize - and pass up on - an opportunity. A cold day and a good chair can spur more creativity than any five workshops.Trust and healthy relationships are vital parts of an organization. Appropriate gratitude will not follow your best work. Pick the person who would match your criteria for The Greatest Leader in History. Millions of people would cringe at your selection. Many an office worker stares longingly at the ability of bricklayers, carpenters, and gardeners. State departments of motor vehicles should sell designer driver's license photos. Good ideas can be quickly generated but good execution is much harder to find. Stop picking unnecessary battles and you may gain several weeks a year. It is a sad person who must always have a clean car. The individual who created a mess should not be applauded for cleaning it up. If you had to be reincarnated as a bird, a raven would be a sound choice. Know when to sprint and when to slog. Schools should teach how to write a decent thank-you note. Being fluent in another language is not my goal. I'll settle for sounding like Tarzan. I hope that career counselors are better than they were when I was in high school. The idea of wearing the same clothes every day becomes more tempting with age. Good paper + good pen = pleasure.


rekaoc said...

This is why I'm dreaming of cold, rain, snow and just a good old winter in Australia...

"A cold day and a good chair can spur more creativity than any five workshops"

Thank you for your daily brilliance. I always find something to mull over! :)

Michael Wade said...


What a nice note!

May a good old winter come your way.