Thursday, December 26, 2013

Desk Designs

recyclart desk leather 42 Gorgeous Desk Designs for any Office

Freshome has a creative collection of unusual desks. Interesting and yet I had difficulty imagining myself working at one of them.

Conclusion: I may have to design my own desk.


John said...

Exotic and beautiful. I love looking at elegant designs, even though my personal tastes are primitive by comparison.

It was my good fortune as a young man just starting to work in an office environment to be with a small start-up whose president deliberately constructed his desk using wood crates from the warehouse. He let everyone else have a conventional desk, but took great pride in keeping his space as economical as possible in both size and costs.

He was my role model in many ways for the next thirty-plus years. Even now, in retirement, I sometimes ask myself "What would Leland do about this?"

Needless to say, he's one of those people who will never retire. Even now he has an incubator business for new companies, linking VC angels with entrepreneurs.

Michael Wade said...


Great story. I hear that doors are used as desks at Amazon's headquarters. That approach is a nice reminder as with Leland.