Friday, December 27, 2013

Trouble Brewing

  • "I'm the best qualified person. What is there to worry about?"
  • "They told me that they love it and the only remaining step is approval by some committee."
  • "Our contact there retired but I'm sure the new person will love us."
  • "The plan is a tad complicated but their people are pumped."
  • "That board is so hip."
  • "Their advisor is just some country lawyer."
  • "There wasn't a dissenting voice at the meeting."
  • "She listened but I'm not sure if she understood."
  • "No problem is anticipated. He's sending out a memo."
  • "If we give them a bargain now they'll keep us in mind for future business."
  • "Let's do what we've always done in these cases."
  • "Not a single member of the team has ever experienced a setback. They're winners."

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