Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Old 'Uns

The old 'uns were rough about the edges. They didn't use fancy words. They had heavy forks and could drink a beer without worrying about the calories. They drove big cars and their clothes wouldn't make a fashion magazine unless the feature was on Retro. They didn't mock the suburbs because in comparison to their previous haunts those neighborhoods were heaven. They went to church or to the temple and although they didn't always agree with what was said, they were serious about the larger message. They could yell and they could cry and one of their glances could convey more than the average college professor does in a week of lectures. They had jobs, not careers, and you rarely found one with the smooth ruthlessness that emerges from today's pool of management interns. 

By the standards of many people, they were dinosaurs. Let's hope they never leave us.

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