Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Workshop on Supervision

I'm teaching a workshop on supervision today. It covers a multitude of topics and each is designed to address the usual queries and sore points of supervisors. Even so, after having taught the class for many years, I always go both to teach and to learn. People and attitudes change - at least on the fringes - and so although a supervisor from the 1930s would recognize many of the challenges facing supervisors today, there are enough twists to cause us to explore the new.

Legal requirements and cultural expectations are the prime sources of change but the most interesting backdrop is the core question of whether there is a huge difference between a good leader of yesteryear and one today. My conclusion is there isn't and that if a person fosters trust, provides direction, removes barriers, and continues to develop as an ethical and competent individual, then the basics will have been met. 

Execution of the basics is what it is all about.

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