Saturday, October 03, 2015

Random Thoughts

As you move through life if you want to trip over a rock that is in front of you, focus on the far horizon or keep looking back over your shoulder. ~ If appreciation is absent or not shown, the more the person does, the more the lack of appreciation will be felt. ~ Beware of people and movements with all of the answers. ~ If you think reasoning is more valuable than experience, you may be lacking both. ~ One test of a person's morals is how many double-standards he or she is willing to tolerate. ~ If you want to see the poor state of modern journalism, read a news story about a subject you know well. ~ Big business can be arrogant and dumb. Big government can be arrogant and dumb and can put you in jail. ~ If we only see the results we may overlook the process. ~ In any dispute, power flows to the side which knows what it wants. ~ Internists are intellectuals and surgeons are fighter pilots. ~ One of the best moments of my life was when I began listening to classical music. ~ In the future, the chair in the waiting room will conduct tests on you before you see the doctor. ~ Every morning has promise and every evening carries a summation. ~ What you do when you are not working may affect your career more than what you do during the workday. ~ "Who guards the guardians?" is a good question. Another is "Who advises the advisors?" ~ We haven't recovered from the cultural shift favoring the anti-hero. ~ When a necessity seems too unpleasant, then expect to hear that it is not a necessity. ~ Read a good book this weekend and take some time to study a tree.

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