Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Morning Edge

Our household is up and moving at 4:30 most mornings, mainly due to my wife's work schedule. If I sleep in, a rare event because she is hardly cat burglar material, then I can stretch it out to no later than 5:15. 

Our newspaper "boy" - a man in his forties - used to drop off the papers by shortly after five but lately rolls by closer to six. This challenges our schedule. We have a ritual for all events and since my wife leaves earlier, she has dibs on The Wall Street Journal. That gives me time to scan The Arizona Republic for local scandals and to see if anyone I know has died. [Believe me, when you get older that is a serious part of your morning.]

The night before usually had an evaluation of how to facilitate the following morning. Anything that may shave a few minutes off the morning rush is considered. This is partly due to the fact that morning scheduling must consider the family member known as The Dog, a finicky soul who likes to breakfast, patrol the yard, and then return to her bed. No fool, she.

Our neighbors are also early risers. The commercial realtor across the street leaves for work at six and a nearby lawyer leaves even earlier. In a sane world, the major transportation arteries would be deserted at six but you know that is not the case. Work schedules are crazy and everyone likes an edge.

Morning is the time to get it.

Get another cup.

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