Thursday, October 24, 2019

12 Management Thoughts

  1. Don't hire someone you cannot fire.
  2. Over time, minor details may receive greater attention than the mission. That may not be not mission creep as much as it is mission dilution.
  3. Candor is an invisible staff member who should be called upon at every meeting.
  4. Your most dangerous competitor may be the daily bombardment of distractions.
  5. Any leader who rushes to blame staff is engaging in self-criticism.
  6. Basics are rarely simple and essentials are too often regarded as optional.
  7. People can fight without fighting and flee without leaving.
  8. It takes a lot of thought to learn how to think.
  9. Your team is your most important product.
  10. The greatest power and the greatest ideas are often found in separate offices.
  11. Knowing it is not the same as doing it.
  12. Consider how much turn-over there would be if job titles had to be periodically earned.

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