Monday, September 18, 2006

Handing Over Privacy

Scott Berinato, writing at the CSO site, is onto something.

He’s upset about how much information you have to hand over just to get basic service with some companies. Here's his teasing lead paragraph... just before he goes after Apple:

At the grocery store the other night, I bought a half-pound of turkey from the deli. Only when I got home I discovered that they gave me ham by mistake. I went back to return the errant cold cuts, but before the store clerk would wait on me, he asked me for my name and phone number. I refused, telling him that my request had nothing to do with that information. Then he asked for my store "loyalty card" number. I wouldn't give him that, either. I mean, it was just ham, and it was the deli's mistake! So he told me he couldn't help me until I paid a $49 fee first.

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