Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boss Rater

Evil HR Lady is not too keen on a "Rate my Boss" site.

I can understand her points. Such sites may well attract malcontents unless there is a method for getting a larger cross-section.

One safeguard: The malcontents usually overplay their hand and you can tell that they are unfair.

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rojo7449 said...

Exactly, malcontents leave a mark in their description of events.

It is critical that employees have a place to go where they can feel they have been given the chance to rate their employers job performance. It's a nightmare working for someone who steals the credit for their employee's hard work, blames anyone but themselves for mistakes, and has to resort to "snake in the grass" tactics to make sure you know who's the boss.

I'd like to see a very serious employer performance review site go up that actually raised the concerns of top management because it would impact their ability to recruit talent if they don't take care of their management problems.

The last company I worked for was one where recruiters never called into when they were looking for talent. There was a good reason for that, too. Large company, medical insurance industry, but a reputation for not training employees, and not managing well. A web site would be great.

Right now the sites are in the early stages and don't have much information.