Thursday, July 12, 2007

Professors, Sex, and Reality

Daniel W. Drezner on why so many novels portray professors who sleep with students and why there will never be a reality show about academia. An excerpt illustrating the excitement of his typical workday:

9:00 A.M.: Dan turns on computer.
9:01 A.M.: Dan checks e-mail.
9:10 A.M.: Dan surfs news sites.
9:30 A.M.: Dan considers writing referee report that was due ten days ago; decides it's better tackled after lunch.
9:31 A.M.: Dan opens up Word document containing manuscript du jour and stares blankly at it for a while.
9:41 A.M.: Dan decides that he's really itching to work on the other manuscript du jour, because this is where his mind is wandering. He opens up that document and stares blankly at it for a while.
9:51 A.M.: On a good day, Dan gets a small piece of inspiration that he quickly converts into a paragraph of prose that will buttress his thesis.
9:56 A.M.: Dan scratches his ass.

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