Saturday, October 13, 2007

Biz Trip Exposure

Jennifer S. Kessler, writing in the Virginia Employment Law Letter, notes the problems that can ensure from business trips. An excerpt:

In Penry v. Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka, a federal district court found it relevant that a female employee's supervisor took her to Hooters, a bar where waitresses dress provocatively. Even rumors about what happened on a business trip can lead to a lawsuit. In one case, an employee successfully sued her employer for defamation after her supervisor believed a rumor and accused her of sleeping around during a business trip.


ko said...

Chalk up another victory for the hyperventilation lobby. Perhaps it's best to make it explicit and just pass the Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing every currently alive human the right not to be offended. In related news:,4273,4238674,00.html

Michael Wade said...


If someone proposes such an amendment, I'm blaming you!