Friday, October 26, 2007

Your Work Space

What does it take to make a comfortable work space?

Short answer: Whatever is comfortable for you.

Some thoughts on work areas:

All I needed was a steady table and typewriter. A marble topped bedroom washstand table made a good place; the dining room table between meals was also suitable.
- Agatha Christie

Appealing workplaces are to be avoided. One wants a room with no view, so imagination can meet memory in the dark.
- Annie Dillard

If your desk isn't cluttered, you probably aren't doing your job.
- Harold Geneen


Lord said...

A cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind.

(Ok, some temporary clutter is reasonable.)

Michael Wade said...

Uh oh. My mind is really cluttered right now.

Jeff said...

Air and space - or are they the same?

I need a place where I won't bump my head or elbows - some transparent walls and windows would help to let in some light.

I need "walkaround" room - for brain and body.

Wonder if this makes some sense...does to me! :)

Michael Wade said...

A beach might do the trick.

Jeff said...

Ah - if only I had the discipline to work while lounging on the beach....

Somewhere there is a middle ground between the beach and a cubicle.... :)