Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pixie Dust

If we send out a bunch of letters and place a lot of ads, we'll be sure to get customers.

Because in the night, the pixies will come and scatter the special magic dust that creates customers.

And if we turn out products that are far better than those of our competitors, all of our plans will fall into place.

Because once again the pixies will do their work and people will quickly see the superiority of our goods.

And if we have employee relations problems, we can just send out a memo or mention a few positive things at staff meetings or have a motivational speaker at our next retreat.

And those pixies will do their stuff!

If you think that people don't really believe in pixie dust, perhaps you have not been in the workplace long enough.


Wally Bock said...

And the Pixies will come and sprinkle their magic dust all over our merger of equals so that we achieve the promised synergies and dramatically increase shareholder value.

Are we getting more cynical as we age? Great post.

Michael Wade said...


Thanks! We are only becoming more cynical because there is so much to be cynical about.

Peg said...

And the Pixies will come and sprinkle their magic dust on the new software the company bought so that it will magically integrate with all the existing software it is incompatible with. :)

Loved the post.