Thursday, October 18, 2007

A "Hip" Cubicle?

The "Studio 53" cubicle is an attempt by office furniture designers to reach Generations X and Y. An excerpt:
Increasingly, many of the top-selling office furniture makers are experimenting with remakes of the boxy, boring cubicle to appeal to Generation X and Y workers who prefer collaborative working environments to isolating, generic-looking work spaces. Other companies such as Herman Miller (MLHR) and Knoll (KNL), are also pushing imaginative new designs that encourage teams to meet and work together rather than slog away alone. And many of these fresh reconfigurations also offer flexible, customizable features, such as doors that allow the workstations to transform from public to private space quickly. In addition, most conform to the small sizes of the traditional office cube to help companies maximize square footage in office spaces when workforces grow or, conversely, when a corporation has to downsize to smaller digs.

Will it?

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