Monday, December 31, 2007

Auld Lang Syne

The New Year celebrations approacheth. An eclectic collection of the in-tune as performed by:

Leon Redbone

Aretha Franklin and Billy Preston

and the best - because it features bagpipes - Andre Rieu and his orchestra.

The history of Auld Lang Syne here.


AndreRieuFans said...

Andre Rieu loves bagpipes. We see Manoe at most every concert playing them. :) And Andre's recent World Stadium Tour Concert in Toronot had 200 pipers! (You can see them and reports on the news page of as well as on our Blog)
From Andre Rieu to any concert with beautiful music, I am wishing you, and everyone Health & Happiness in this coming year.
Kindest Regards, Sally, Webmaster,

Michael Wade said...


Thank you for the informative and kind comment!

Best wishes to you and all of the Andre Rieu fans.