Thursday, December 20, 2007

Road Warrior Strategies

The trend toward tighter security at airports is having the unintended consequence of lightening the load normally toted by the road warrior. That's because many business travelers are not only trading in their laptops for PDAs, they've taken to shipping luggage ahead to their hotels.

If airports are tough places to work, airplanes are beyond the pale. Clearly, no one who ever had to do a lot of airborne laptop keystroking ever designed an airplane. Sure, there are fine first class and even enhanced business class accommodations. Unfortunately, the cost-cutting trend at many companies means you'll probably be booking an economy fare. Traveling economy is, in my opinion, a false economy because it's such an inherently difficult environment for anyone wanting to get any work accomplished. Noisy, claustrophobic, and lacking power plugs (smart laptoppers can check out to see where the few power ports are on their jet), the low-fare option is the ultimate challenge for any businessperson seeking to be productive in the air.

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