Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Driving Through Detroit

Detroit Free Press reporter Bill McGraw drove down every street in that city and has written a series of articles based on his journey. An excerpt from the introduction:

I saw well-to-do people moving into $1-million homes. Forlorn people emerging from sleeping in weeds. Artists taking over old factories. Trash cooking in the sun. Neighbors talking on porches. Roosters crowing. A prostitute on a bicycle.

When I completed the journey, I went back out and re-explored a number of areas, and was joined by a team of Free Press photographers, videographers, designers, artists, editors and others.

I wasn't a stranger. I have covered Detroit for 35 years and lived in it or next to it for virtually my entire life. In some respects, Detroit was worse than I thought. In other respects, it was better.

[HT: 13th Floor ]

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