Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gerber and Ferriss

Michael Gerber is interviewed by Tim Ferriss. An excerpt from Gerber's remarks:

The excitement of independence associated with getting rid of the boss is almost always fueled by a flawed understanding of what being on your own means. Most small businesses are started by technicians rather than by true entrepreneurs.

The technician believes in the fatal assumption that because he or she knows how to do the work — whether graphic design, engineering, cooking a great dinner, repairing an automobile, snow boarding, or otherwise — they can turn that capability into a business that frees them from the boss. The graphic designer creates a graphic design business. The technologist creates a technology-based business. The cook creates a restaurant. The mechanic creates an auto repair business. The snow boarder creates a snow boarding business.

But instead of freeing themselves from the boss, they have become their own boss, and they’re now — with absolutely no understanding about how it happened — working for a lunatic and doing what they know how to do but in greater volume than before.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! If you're interested in checking out Michael Gerber's new book for potential review, feel free to drop me a line!
Cheers, Felicia (felicia -DOT- sullivan -AT- harpercollins -DOT- com)