Sunday, November 02, 2008

Most Influential Management Thinker?

Which management scholar/thinker has most influenced your own philosophy of management?

Let's not be too restrictive. For example, if Aristotle or Plato are your pick, that's fine. Close seconds may also be listed.

[I'm pretty sure about my first choice, but will think a little longer.]

Some possible suspects:

Peter Drucker
Frederick Taylor
W. Edwards Deming
David Ulrich
Stephen R. Covey
Michael LeBoeuf
Robert Greenleaf
Mary Parker Follett
Manfred F.R. Kets De Vries
James Collins
Dee Hock
Jeffrey Pfeffer
Warren Bennis
James O'Toole
Joseph Juran
Richard Pascale
Tom Peters
Henry Mintzberg
Theodore Levitt
Elliott Jacques
James Audrey
Ferdinand Fournies
Niccolo Machiavelli
Anthony Jay
James Q. Wilson

UPDATE: How could I have hesitated? Drucker, of course.


Eclecticity said...

1) Peter Block
2) Tom Peters
3) Deming

DarkoV said...

I'll woose out with Mr. Electicity and list 4, in no order of importance
1) Deming
2) Drucker
3) Michael Porter
4) Joseph Heller

I was in awe of Tom Peters when I was a punk; now I see him for what he always was. A snake-oil salesman of the highest (paying) order.

Michelle Malay Carter said...

1) Elliott Jaques

Aseem Kumar said...

Steve Jobs

Anonymous said...

1) W. Edwards Deming
4) Peter Scholtes, Brian Joiner, George Box and my father William Hunter
3) Russel Ackoff and Gerald Suarez

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