Friday, March 27, 2009

Old Shoe

I once knew a man whose main talent was his ability to put others at ease.

He was intelligent, but he never made you feel stupid. He was witty, but his wit did not keep you from speaking. He was charming in a quiet way.

He was sort of a comfortable old shoe.

You enjoyed being around him. In some mysterious manner, he would encourage you to be yourself and to open up. Naturally, he was a good listener and yet that skill was ancillary.

What was his secret? I believe it was his ability to communicate that he truly wished others well and that his friendship lacked footnotes. Nothing you could say would ever get you in trouble because he wouldn't permit it. Behind his stare was an abundance of benevolence. He focused on learning from - and enjoying - others. He never rushed to prove his own worth.

An extraordinary person.

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