Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Spam Blog?

Throw some spam on the griddle. Bring me an RC Cola and a Moon pie.

I received a notice from Blogger saying that its automatic blog screening process identified Execupundit.com as a spam blog.

They gave a process through which I can request a review so a real live person can check out the blog and make a determination. If I don't respond in 20 days, they delete the blog.

I suppose their theory is that a spam blog won't respond and the 20 day limit gives them the chance to drop a bunch of fake blogs.

Of course, I checked around before responding. [Law prof Ann Althouse received a similar notice over a year ago.]

The real spam-related blogging danger that I see is in the comments. I reject spam comments almost daily, mainly from gold bugs. In the days when I didn't screen comments, it was not unusual for 25, 30 or more spam messages to pop up overnight. None had any relation to the initial post. If Blogger made it easier to delete those comments, I'd go back to letting readers post comments without any screening.

It is a weird world out there.


Deron S. said...

If the definition of a spam blog is a one-stop shop for both entertainment and the sharing of widsom, then Execupundit is most definitely guilty!

Michael Wade said...


Bless you. I may have to call you as a witness!