Monday, March 16, 2009

The Silence

The scoundrels are understandable. We know they're weasels. But why don't otherwise good people protest an injustice in the workplace? Some reasons:
  1. They don't believe it is an injustice.
  2. The act has been done before and so they see neither reason for protest nor hope for reform.
  3. They are afraid any protest will harm their career.
  4. They are worried that if they speak up they may have to do something even bolder.
  5. They believe it was an injustice but that it did little harm.
  6. Their influential friends have remained silent.
  7. They associate complaints with cranks.
  8. The system that produced the injustice favors them financially.
  9. The injustice is cloaked in a noble reason and they seize upon that rationalization.
  10. They are waiting for someone else to speak up.

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