Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crichton's Estate

The disposition of novelist Michael Crichton's estate may be his last thriller. An excerpt from the Portfolio article:

The son, John Michael Todd Crichton, isn't mentioned in Crichton's will, but as an "omitted child" in legal theory, he may nonetheless be entitled to one-third of the writer's estate. The amount at stake is not known, but may well reach into nine figures: By one account, Crichton earned $100 million a year in his prime.


Eclecticity said...

The hell with what "dad" might have meant. At this point, I'd fight for it.

Wonder what John-Boy did to piss dad off?


Michael Wade said...


It will make a great case for a Wills and Estates class.

Anonymous said...


Crichton died 6 months before his son was born (sad). One presumes Mr. Crichton knew his wife was pregnant, but with his death "unexpected", had not updated his will.