Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kindle Addiction

A review from another convert.

The Kindle doesn't replace "real" books but it is the single neatest and most convenient device I've ever seen.


DarkoV said...

Thanks for the shout out.
Still enjoying the Kindle II, keeping in mind its limitations.
I'm engrossed in this book, the latest from one Alexander Hemon (all of whose books I strongly recommend). I am reading it in hardcover as the Amazon price was $17.13 for physical v. $14.27 for Kindle.
For the small difference, the smell and feel of a new hardcover v the smooth, cool feel of the Kindle was worth it.

About Hemon; if you enjoy odd placement/usage of words in stories with the traditional Slavic sarcasm/paranoia, Mr. Hemon's your man. Love & Obstacles is a collection of short stories, some previously published in other magazines (like the New Yorker).

Thanks again for your link!

Michael Wade said...


Your're welcome and thanks for the tip about Hemon.

I'll definitely check him out.