Monday, May 18, 2009

One Damned Thing After Another

The problem is before you.

Sometimes, it comes with cohorts; related issues that might be formidable in their own right but which certainly have weight when assembled.

You study the problem. If you are fortunate, it stands still long enough to be examined.

Experts are brought in and you quickly learn how experts can differ. Even if there is consensus there is usually a collection of unknowns.

Time seems to have too speeds: rabbit and snail. One assessment leads to another. Impatience is common, both with the problem and with the proposed solutions.

What keeps you from screaming? The knowledge that:
  1. There are limits to what you can do. You are not Master of the Universe.
  2. Ultimate wisdom in contained in the phrase, "This too shall pass."
  3. Breaking the problem into components and focusing on areas that you can control makes sense.
  4. Rest is important and you're not goofing off when you take breaks.
  5. Positive efforts, however small, make a difference.
  6. Any plan is usually better than no plan.
  7. There are people who really want to help.