Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"So easy, a man can do it."

Idea Anaconda examines a story from Britain about the way men are portrayed in commercials.

You can certainly find that pattern in American ads. If there is an idiot in a commercial, odds are it is a man.


DarkoV said...

Perhaps it's just me. The commercials with the "dumb guy" don't bother me; the ones with the more specific "dumb guy", the "Dumb Dad", do.
Being a "Dumb Dad", I pull out my little notepad and note the company paying for that shill-ware on a list.

The "Don't buy anything from this company" list. Enough "Dumb Dads" do this and we'll see a change in advertising

Debizano said...

Us women get the same treatment...if there's a brainless sex pot in an ad, chances are its a woman.