Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Daily Choices

  1. Do I act in an upbeat manner or do I inflict my bad mood on others?
  2. Do I eat nutritious food or convenient junk?
  3. Do I let careless or rude people affect my day or do I think past their behavior?
  4. Do I greet people or merely grunt in their direction?
  5. Do I rush to ascribe bad motives or do I focus solely on behavior?
  6. Do I speak ill of others or do I find people who are worthy of praise?
  7. Do I add creative twists to my work or do I simply crank out the minimum?
  8. Do I give thanks for many blessings or do I regard myself as a self-made wizard?
  9. Do I try to help others or do I only devote energy to my own advancement?
  10. Do I let television and other entertainment devour large chunks of time or do I set aside hours for self-improvement?
  11. Do I judge others far more harshly than I judge myself?
  12. Do I judge myself far more harshly than I judge others?

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