Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ethics: When the Front Page Doesn't Matter

Bob Stone and Mick Ukleja take on the issue of appearance and ethics:

But appearances are not realities, and, "How will it look in the newspaper?" is not related to ethics. It might be, if newspapers adhered to the highest ethical standards we aspire to, but sadly, newspapers slip up like the rest of us. Newspapers — and other media — rake in readers by reporting scandal. When real scandal is in short supply, they may have to invent some, and then ethical behavior can be made to look very bad indeed.

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Rob said...

Have you ever noticed the over analysis by armchair experts, with the benefit of hindsight, half the facts, and a glass of wine? Often the more you actually know the more you realize how misguided the majority is. Popular culture has it's own methods of analysis, that are far from ethical. Only the truly wise will not judge others until they are aware of all the facts, and had time to consider.