Monday, September 14, 2009

The Report

The report has been making the rounds. One after another, members of the board have voiced support for its frank analysis and the recommendations for major changes. Several are excited about the chance to bring in fresh ideas. It is clear the report expresses feelings that many board members have held for years.

That is all encouraging. Some additional questions, however, will have to be addressed:

Why did the board members know the problems for so long and yet refrain from speaking up?

And how can we avoid such silence in the future?

There are three common danger zones in groups: Rapid agreement, drift, and undue deference.

1 comment:

Rob said...

Lots of people on boards and steering committees just like to have their name on the list. Being on the board is the most important outcome, after that who cares. If you speak up you generally make work for yourself.

Sometimes there is one aggressive personality who enjoys shutting people down, the result nobody says anything.

Oh lunch and golf is waiting...whats the tee off time?