Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smart Execs and Dumb Decisions

Don't just read this one, print it out.

Bill Russell and Tracy Cox on why smart chief executives make dumb decisions. They examine eight common blunders. An excerpt:

The missteps that led to today's economic troubles continue a long history of decision-making failures. Earlier this year the New York Yankees priced box seats in its new ballpark at $2,500 and quickly had to offer discounts. Two years ago Mattel and Nike each recalled carloads of products because of faulty manufacturing in China. The year 2005 saw the delayed response to Hurricane Katrina and the opening of Boston’s Big Dig, five years late and five times the projected cost.

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Rob said...

Michael, this is going on as I read your blog, I constantly ask myself about many things "at what point was this a good idea".


It's pretty funny.......