Friday, September 25, 2009


Let us ensure that little of consequence is accomplished at this meeting.

Let us pack the agenda with trivia and wear down the intellect with mind-numbing reports.

Watch the feeding frenzy as small matters gobble the larger. Watch the squirming people who are wondering when they'll be able to leave. And Jenkins! Lord, will he ever shut up?

Yes, that item is important, but we've hardly enough time to do it justice. We'll have to keep moving or we'll be here all day.

Perhaps next time. Let me know. I'll be sure it's on the agenda.


Cultural Offering said...


Dan Richwine said...

All meeting should be mediated by Ryan Seacrest, who's job is to be charming, likable, and to move the thing along swiftly yet without the feeling of being rushed.

Business people can learn a lot of "American Idol"

Michael Wade said...

Cultural Offering,



You're right. Ryan is a good example. He uses, of course, a well-crafted agenda.

Rob said...

Would you like a Powerpoint presentation with that order, Sir?