Friday, October 16, 2009

The Importance of Friday

I learned the importance of Friday while in college. Not only is it a great day for taking stock of what was accomplished during the week and for plugging any gaps, it is also an opportunity to get ahead of the coming week and for reducing the amount of work that needs to be handled over the weekend.

Make a habit of goofing off on Friday night and you may have much busier - and perhaps panic-driven - Sunday evenings.

Even with the extra work, Friday is a day of promise. Breathing space beckons with its lure of a sizable portion of time devoted to recovery and reflection.

Some helpful Friday questions are:
  1. What have I overlooked in the past four days that can be addressed today?
  2. Which meetings for the coming weeks can be scheduled, but not held, today?
  3. As I look over my list of contacts, which people have been neglected and need to be contacted?
  4. Can I do a better job of booking time for projects, not meetings, for the next two weeks?
  5. Can I devote at least one uninterrupted hour today to thinking?
  6. Can I devote three to four hours to intense action; the level and sort of activity that occurs on the day before a vacation?

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