Friday, November 27, 2009

The Annual Dickens Debate

Okay, this is a subject of great dispute in some circles. Which film version of A Christmas Carol gets your vote?

Reginald Owen? Alastair Sim? Albert Finney? George C. Scott? Patrick Stewart? Bill Murray? Michael Caine and The Muppets? Mr. Magoo? Mickey Mouse? Jim Carrey?

Bonus item: The trailer for Scrooged. [I confess that I've never seen the film.]


Melinda said...

Albert Finney is definitely the best Scrooge, and my vote is for his version, "Scrooge".

Michael Wade said...


I've never seen "Scrooge" but am a major Albert Finney fan. I'll check it out.



Cultural Offering said...

Alastair Sim is hands down for me.

Michael Wade said...

I like the Alastair Sim version but also enjoy the George C. Scott film. As noted above, I've yet to see the Albert Finney version.