Friday, November 27, 2009

Being Your Own Ump

Bravo to Eric Felten for a great column on ethics, umpires, and modern sports. An excerpt:

Dartmouth protested, but the game was over. Cornell could have adopted the modern moral standard that anything the ref allows is allowed. Instead, when the game films showed conclusively that Cornell had won on an extra, illegal snap, the players, coach, athletic director and university president agreed to forfeit the game and did so graciously. Coach Carl Snavely sent a telegram to Hanover, N.H., saying that Cornell "without reservation concede[s] the victory to Dartmouth with hearty congratulations to you and a gallant Dartmouth team." Dartmouth wired back that it accepted the victory and saluted its "honorable and honored opponent." As Arthur Daley wrote in the New York Times that week: "Cornell had the sportsmanship to yield a success it felt it had not rightfully earned."

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