Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Yuma What?

I am conducting some management workshops in Yuma, Arizona today and tomorrow.

Yuma is famous for its legendary territorial prison, which means the local high school has the most unusual team name in the United States.


Eclecticity said...

Bought my first legal drink in Yuma when the drinking age was 19 in AZ. We slipped across the border from California and went into the first lounge we saw. Ah memories. E.

Michael Wade said...

Yuma also used to have a thriving market in speedy marriages. Many Hollywood stars would drive to Yuma to get hitched.

Are you sure you didn't get married there? Perhaps it's all a haze.

Ann from Yuma said...

My two sons are both Criminals -- and love it. Always a conversation starter.

Michael Wade said...


Especially when you say that with pride in your voice!